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trading and services eco system for

All types of commodities, goods, products,
all commercial trade services !

Built for Traders by Traders

"We know Global Trade is complex. We make it easy for You."

We specialize in the following industries :

Agriculture (Farming, Food processing, Animal Feed, Livestock, Fishery, Horticulture)

and everything for Agriculture (raw inputs, fertilizers, treatment products, equipment)

Metals and Metallurgy

Mining and Minerals

Forestry and Wood

Energy and Fuels

Recyclable Scrap

All commercial trade services supporting these industries

All TradeHelp™ Users are either Buyers or Sellers of
Commodities, Goods, Products or Services.


(for commodities, goods and products)

Buyer/Seller, Importer/Exporter, Trading Company, Trade Broker, Trade Agent, Originator, Producer, Manufacturer, Product Distributor, Product Dealer, MRO Provider and others who belong to this category.

"Service providers"
(for commercial trade services)

3PL, 4PL Company,
Ocean Shipping Line,
Vessel Owner, Operator, Charterer,
Freight Forwarder, Expeditor,
Logistics Management company,
Intermodal Operations,
Air Cargo,
Rail Cargo,
Trucking company,

Barging company,
Cargo Terminal, Terminal Operator,
Stevedoring Company,
Warehousing and Storage company,
Equipment company,
Packaging company,
Customs Brokerage,
Cargo Survey, Inspection company,

Operations Supervision,
Shipping Broker,
Shipping or Port Agent,
Cargo Fumigation company,
Cargo Insurance,
Trade Legal services,
Trade Finance, Commercial Bank
and others who belong to this category

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What we do

TradeHelp™ is an open market, global B2B u-tradechain™ trading eco system as SaaS Cloud solution for all physical commodities, raw materials, by-products, industrial products and all commercial trade services involved in global trade, full trading and product life cycle, end-to-end supply chain operations. Where live digital marketplace meets high-tech all-in-one.

TradeHelp™ is the only trading system on the market integrating all traders and all service providers into 1 global interface to conduct full-cycle digital trading and services operations. From pre-trade, through trade, to post-trade execution.

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ProductIncotermsTarget priceBids made
Corn (Maize) Non-GMO 25 000 mtFOB Seattle, United States, port terminal1
Soybeans 20 000 mtFOB Sao Paolo, Brazil1
ProductIncotermsTarget priceBids made
Wheat Soft White SW 10% 50 mtFOB 1ST FIOST Seoul, South Korea1
Service(s) RequiredProductBids made
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo FumigationCorn (Maize) Non-GMO 25 000 mt1
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo FumigationSoybeans 20 000 mt1
Cargo On-CarriageONIONS 4 000 000 kgs1
Cargo SurveyWheat 122 747 mt1
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo Survey, Cargo FumigationGreen Peas, unshelled 10 000 mt1
Freight Forwarding, Cargo SurveyFeed Barley 30 000 mt1
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo SurveySoybeans 10 000 mt1
Cargo SurveyWheat 122 747 mt2
Cargo On-CarriageCorn 12 000 mt2