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TradeHelp™ is a global interactive B2B u-tradechain™ trading platform and e-commerce marketplace connecting users worldwide. All TradeHelp™ Users are either Buyers or Sellers of Goods, Products, Commodities or Services.

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ProductIncotermsTarget priceBids made
Sony PlayStation 4 1 pcsFCA Antananarivo, Madagascar, Antananarivo 101USD 96.00 / pc1
Wheat 122 747 mtFOB Pereas, GreeceUSD 133.00 / mt1
Grain sorghum seed 20 000 mtFOB Kherson, UkraineUSD 150.00 / mt0
Corn 10 000 mtCPT New Orleans, United States, Associated Grain TerminalsUSD 140.00 / mt1
Frozen Sweet Corn Cuts 10 mtFAS Gansu, ChinaUSD 1 300.00 / mt1
Aluminum Rods 10 mtCPT port whse Cape Town, South Africa, P&O Whse 11USD 2 350.00 / mt1
Sugar processed ICUMSA 45 15 000 mtFOB 1SB FIOST San Paolo, BrazilUSD 550.00 / mt3
Malting barley 15 000 lbsEXW New Orlean, United States, LouisianaUSD 160.00 / LS0
Wheat 122 747 mtFOB Pereas, GreeceUSD 133.00 / mt0
Barley 15 000 mtFOB Chernomorsk, UkraineUSD 150.00 / mt0
ProductIncotermsTarget priceBids made
Iron Ore 25 000 mtCIF 1 SB FO Cape Town, South AfricaUSD 65.50 / mt0
Feed Barley 30 000 mtCIF 1 SB FO Busan, South KoreaUSD 258.00 / mt0
Soybeans 10 000 mtCIF 1 SB FO Ningbo, ChinaUSD 465.00 / mt0
Apples 12 000 mtEXW Aachen, Germany, Jakobstraße 148USD 200.00 / mt2
Barley 20 000 kgsFOB Belgorod, RussiaCAD 155.00 / LS0
Rice 1 000 mtCPT Haifa, Israel, m/m.EUR 150.00 / mt0
Service(s) RequiredProductBids made
Banking ServicesApples 12 000 mt0
Cargo SurveyWheat 122 747 mt1
Freight Forwarding, Cargo Survey, Cargo FumigationWheat Soft White SW 10% 25 000 mt0
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo Survey, Cargo FumigationGreen Peas, unshelled 10 000 mt1
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo SurveyMilling Wheat, HSW 10 000 mt0
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo Survey, Cargo FumigationBuckwheat Organic Non-GMO 10 000 mt1
Freight Forwarding, Cargo SurveyFeed Barley 30 000 mt1
Freight Forwarding, Cargo Survey, Cargo FumigationWheat Soft White SW 10% 25 000 mt0
Cargo On-Carriage, Terminal Handling, Cargo Survey, Cargo FumigationSoybeans 10 000 mt0
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo Survey, Cargo FumigationCorn (Maize) 20 000 mt0

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Goods, Products, Commodities

Buyer/Seller, Importer/Exporter, Trading Company, Trade Broker, Trade Agent, Originator, Producer, Manufacturer, Product Distributor, Product Dealer, MRO Provider and others who belong to this category.


3PL, 4PL Company
Commercial Airline Company
Barging Company
Customs Broker
Equipment company
Freight Forwarder, Expeditor
Cargo Fumigation Company
Cargo Insurance Company

Trade Legal services
Logistics Management Company
Ocean Shipping Line
Operations Supervision
Packaging company
Cargo Railroad Company
Shipping Broker
Shipping or Port Agent

Stevedoring Company
Cargo Survey, Inspection Company
Cargo Terminal, Terminal Operator
Trucking Company
Vessel Owner, Operator
Warehousing and Storage Company
Commercial Bank, Trade Finance Institution
and others who belong to this category

  • Simon Grueber (Transtrade USA Corp.)

    Our goal as a business was to increase our global business network to facilitate our rapid expansion as an international trading conglomerate. Tradehelp offers unparalleled innovative solutions to assist us in saving time and money.

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  • JJ Gardy (Globerunners Lines)

    Being a full service 3PL company it is challenging to stay ahead of the curve in constantly evolving market dynamics. Tradehelp opened new business frontiers and avenues for our global operations in all major markets where we struggled to attain new clients and be competitive.

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  • Ashley Jurowski (Gulf Trade Inc.)

    Tradehelp is simply the Best in class!! This e-commerce B2B solution is an absolute A-Must for any manufacturing company. For a niche small-size market player as our company – having such a robust all-in-one system at hands opened endless opportunities.

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