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About Us

Founded in 2014 as a New York based global trade consulting firm, TradeHelp™ breaks ground and launches global commercial operations of its disruptive GEN I (Generation 1) trading platform model in Q1 2019. Full scale revolutionary GEN II trading eco system is scheduled to go-live in Q4 2019.


TradeHelp™ is – the world’s first, open market, hybrid-blockchain based, live global B2B u-tradechain™ trading eco system as SaaS Cloud solution for all physical commodities, raw materials, by-products, industrial products and all commercial trade services involved in global trade, full trading and product life cycle, end-to-end supply chain operations. Where digital marketplace meets high-tech all-in-one.

On TradeHelp™ platform - everything is sourced, negotiated, traded, e-contracted, post-trade executed, verified, visually traced, transacted, delivered and settled. All commodities, products and all services including those not traded anywhere else, not on any commodity or service exchange.


GEN I U-Tradechain™ - is a 1st Generation hybrid-blockchain based trading platform model invented and introduced by TradeHelp™ - is an algorithmic method of engaging unlimited number of Traders of commodities, goods, products and Service Providers in pre-trade identifying, sourcing, engaging, negotiating and trading process by integrating all participants into an open market electronically synergetic and discrete bidding processes, via transforming and converting all real-life (analogue) human trading, negotiating, compliance exchange, interactions, deal making and operations - into a universally efficient electronically streamlined chains of real-time concurrent processes, finalized by e-signed Contract. GEN I U-tradechain™ model is fully operable and launching in Q1 2019.

GEN II U-Tradechain™ (2nd Generation), IP-protected – is a technologically advanced  hybrid-blockchain  trading eco system. Expanding on NEW full scale digitally automated and User-controlled functionalities of post-trade real-time execution flow going beyond GEN I U-Tradechain™ capabilities - going live in Q4 2019. System functionality allows to process unlimited-party post-trade execution flow for both – e-contracts entered on the platform upon completion of trade negotiations, equally as offline/outside contracts/deals/orders migrated into the system to process post-trade execution alone.


Real-time secure  hybrid-blockchain  processing technology powered by proprietary AI algorithms and proprietary smart-contractual interfaces allows participants to:

  • bridge and facilitate business parties of all sizes
  • identify and match trade requirements by standardized product and service criteria
  • price-discover without speculation and competitively source products and services
  • customize any single or multi-channel commodity trading or services operation using robust trading and processing mechanisms 
  • digitally engage in discrete real-time multi-party negotiations powered by trading algorithms, TCO and PNL tools
  • digitally conduct controlled trading and service transactions, e-contract in a legally compliant manner
  • digitally process controlled, visual and validated real-time paperless multi-party post-trade execution flow of products and services every step of the way
  • financially settle in real-time.



 We specialize in the following natural resources industries and domains :

  •  Agriculture (Farming, Food processing, Animal Feed, Livestock and Dairy, Fishery, Horticulture)
    and everything for Agriculture (raw inputs, fertilizers, treatment products, equipment)
  • Metals and Metallurgy
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Forestry and Wood
  • Energy and Fuels
  • Recyclable Scrap
  • All commercial trade services supporting these industries



TradeHelp™ is - fast, secure, transparent, ease-to-use. Operated by 1 User ! Cost and labor efficient compared to expensive Non-trading ERP systems.  Operates 50 times faster than real-life conventional analogue trading activities, reducing average of 48-hour trading activity to less than 20 minute processing time, yielding 75% efficiency for traders and service providers, increases profit margins up to 50% and more.


TradeHelp™ system transforms all human analogue activities in global trade into a digital paperless format. 


TradeHelp™ platform offers unprecedented digital solution for traders and services providers connecting businesses to their assets and access to physical flow in real-time while providing security and privacy of sensitive information.

Proprietary crypto currency (T-Coins) is secured by asset-backed tradeable commodity and service contracts processed on TradeHelp™ platform.

TradeHelp™ enables absolute transparency between parties, mitigates complex commercial risks and saves on operating costs, overhead and processing time !


Value-add for all market participants:

  • the only independent open market trading eco system in the world providing full scale digital paperless unlimited-party end-to-end supply chain pre-trade and post-trade trading and trade services cycle
  • exponential opportunities for all Traders and all Service Providers in leveraging and expanding existing business networks and entering new markets
  • growth opportunities and sustainability for underserved Micro, Small and Midsize (MSME) companies by enabling fair open market access, competitive edge and costs savings
  • expanding on sales and distribution channels, market breadth and lowest market entry costs
  • discovery of new competitive products and services based on specific quality requirements and parameters, standards and grades, finding unconventional service solutions
  • securing new market opportunities in bearish and bullish economy, leverage on existing network and trade lanes.
  • locating new markets for residual stock, excess inventory and obsolete items
  • securing products and services to fulfill contractual obligations, shortages and defaults while having NO access to large commodity exchanges, no budget, no buying/selling power or scalable business relationships for products and services not traded on any public exchange
  • algorithmic trading mechanisms allow traders and service providers to yield the most competitive pricing without speculation, deliberate decision-making, structured contractual terms in full regulatory compliance
  • eliminates risks of currency and asset devaluation
  • provides ability for traders to resell the product in transit, via multi-channel streamlined interface processes.
  • helps MSMEs to avoid having zero leverage in scarce products and services, avoid ‘single-source’ risks via expansion of products’ and services’ options globally
  • filling excess production capacity for manufacturing companies, moving idle inventory, faster ROI, eliminating deadfreight for transportation companies.
  • can be integrated with any ERP system or 3rd party interface.


TradeHelp™ is the World’s First Live Market Price Indicator where Users’ trading activities organically set the real market trends and generate real-time market price indications for the entire global trading community, as the result of their own trading activities and transactions.


TradeHelp™ is the only independent open market trading eco system in the world powered by proprietary algorithms and proprietary smart-contractual interfaces allowing participants to price-discover without speculation, competitively engage and source products and services, multilaterally discretely negotiate, digitally trade, compliantly e-contract and transparently conduct digitally visual and validated multi-party real-time physical post-trade execution flow while providing paperless processing, financial settlement and securing privacy of sensitive information.



Upcoming Products by TradeHelp™

TradeHelpBank™ – is a TradeHelp™ financial module. IP-protected. Under construction.

Tradeopedia™IP-protected. Under construction.

TradeSimulator™ IP-protected. Under construction.