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A global-supply-chain-ecosystem startup a day keeps the FOMO away.

A global-supply-chain-ecosystem startup a day keeps the FOMO away.

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TradeHelp is a global B2B trading ecosystem, based on a hybrid blockchain, for all types of supply chain physical goods, products, commodities and services.
Founded in 2014, TradeHelp™ is the brainchild of trade industry veteran Gary Kesser, in association with Alex Zrely. With a combined 50 years of experience spanning various roles from merchant marine ships to global trade – we experienced first-hand market inefficiencies and disconnect in the global trade.
Witnessing dominance of oligopolies, unfairness with open market opportunities for small and mid-size companies, struggles with bureaucracy in compliance and standardization we were driven to create a solution disrupting existing trade format. Experiencing opaqueness in global trade, we came up with a plan to create a universal digital eco system transforming conventional human interactions in global trade into a technologically advanced electronic format. This was the birth of TradeHelp™ - to digitize multinational trade processes by bringing transparency, security and visibility to a market in need of disruption.
TradeHelp™ not only disrupts global trade operations with proprietary algorithms and asset-backed crypto, but also adds real-time post-trade execution flow, ease of use and compliant contractual settlement. TradeHelp™ - transparent, compliant, and easy to use. Built for Traders by Traders.

What Problem Are They Solving?

Limited open market opportunities for underserved market participants, absence of full scale digital solution, operational waste, inefficiency, disconnect, overburden of complexity, oligopoly, lack of compliance and standardization, illegal trade, misrepresentation.

What's Innovative About Their Solution?

System which transforms an archaic all human analogue activities and operations in global trade into a digital format. Never done before.