Join TradeHelp™ and SHIPNEXT today !

Dear All,
We are excited to announce, that effective Monday May 27th, 2019 TradeHelp™ and SHIPNEXT have entered into Strategic Cooperation Agreement.

This Strategic Alliance creates a unique synergy between TradeHelp™ - a global commodity trading marketplace and trade services eco system, and SHIPNEXT - a global shipping marketplace and transportation network.

Each trader and service provider will benefit from a fully integrated full cycle trading and operational solution including trading tools and mechanisms, pre-trade discovery on commodities and services, trading and services operational interfacing, real-time post trade execution, digitized end-to-end supply-chain and transportation related services.

Both companies strive to provide the utmost efficient digital solutions for all global trade participants, fostering operational efficiencies, open market opportunities, growth and sustainability.

TradeHelp™ and SHIPNEXT stand strong on their allied commitment to continue developing industry-leading digital trading and services products for both wider audience and individual clients, to assist with further digitalization of supply chain operations for all market constituents.

Join TradeHelp™ and SHIPNEXT today !

Gary Kesser
CEO, Founder